As a life-long, fourth generation Kansas farmer, Dennis' deep-rooted work ethic is apparent. Dennis is a self-employed farmer and homeowner. His record in the Kansas senate proves he is a strong voice for agriculture. As a landowner, property rights and other agriculture related issues are among his top priorities. Pyle emphasizes, "My deep-rooted work ethic continues to motivate my values based agenda that includes providing Kansas children with quality education and safe communities."

Business, Jobs, Economic Development

Senator Pyle knows that the state took a great step forward by beginning the process of eliminating the franchise tax under a prior administration. Pyle states, "Lessening the burden on small business is a promise I take great satisfaction in having kept. This is very important to the economy of Kansas. " Pyle believes the State of Kansas needs to reduce taxes and spending in order to create an environment that will bring more private sector businesses and jobs to Kansas.

Pyle realizes the value of small businesses and jobs to our communities and stated "when we talk about business in northeast Kansas, we're talking about agriculture and the mom and pop operations in our communities. My record on business and job creation shows my commitment to the communities of northeast Kansas."

He was named as a Pro-Job Legislator in 2007 with the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Senator Pyle realizes that quality education is important to Kansans. "Quality education is a priority. Every student deserves a worldclass education. We must balance the costs of education with the taxpayer's ability to pay. We cannot continue raising taxes to the point that we force business and jobs out of the state. It should be our goal to maintain and create private sector economic opportunities for those we educate. It is poor policy to raise taxes on people and businesses to the point where we leave fewer job opportunities for those we educate here in Kansas."

As Aristotle said, "All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind are convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth."

Dennis speaking in Senate

"Spending continues to grow. The state budget is fat and obese. Estimates and projections continue to demand more spending growth. The State of Kansas must change its habits and begin budgeting based off of prior years' actual revenue. Government just continues to spend more and demand more. Tax dollars should be spent fairly and equitably with no fraud, waste or abuse. Kansas has to compete with surrounding states. Raising taxes to solve our problems is poor vision and a short-term solution at best and will cost us private sector jobs. We have to address spending and prioritize dollars with a clear objective." Pyle added, "I have yet to meet a tax increase that I like. It is the family that needs to be empowered not the state. My record on taxes is clear."

Life, Marriage

Dennis is pro-life. He is on record as voting 100% pro-life. He is the only candidate for the 1st Senate District endorsed by KFL in 2016. Dennis is a strong advocate for judicial reform.

Senator Pyle campaigned in support of a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Dennis worked hard and delivered on his promise. Now the Kansas constitution contains this amendment.

2nd Amendment Rights

Dennis continues to have an A+ rating with the NRA. Dennis campaigned saying he would work for stronger second amendment rights and he did. Dennis will continue to work to protect our second amendment rights.